YENology X Frankie Smoke

Introducing a collaborative piece by YENOLOGY & Frankie Smoke 

 feel the wave

Designed with intention, constructed with Frankie's signature premium metals. The design features a dainty satellite chain and sleek bar pendant with YENology's tagline and core promise - feel the wave

18K Gold over Stainless Steel 
Rhodium over Stainless Steel
16" Length + 2" extender chain
Lobster clasp closure

This collaborative effort was created to represent shared beliefs for both Frankie and YENology.  Our core ideologies include focusing on modernization of cannabis (and it's accompanying accessories and lifestyle), incorporating wellness into daily life, and importantly, providing a path to peaceful living through mindful consumption. 

We incorporate these ideologies into our company practices through

  • listening and learning from our customers in order to provide better services and desired products >> having a more collaborative mindset.
  • considering a refined approach to cannabis accessories and culture.
  • create/carry beautiful accessories that you’d happily display in your home.
  • providing a warm and welcoming experience to all, through established online and in-person retail shopping experiences. 

We provide luxury products that give customers confidence in their purchases, whether it's cannabis products or other wellness products, to contribute towards a balanced life. 

We hope this piece will serve as a reminder to embrace all waves and emotions of life.





YENology, LLC is a female owned luxury retail boutique providing modern and fashionable cannabis and wellness products in Frontenac, MO.

Their beautifully executed retail store carries high end cannabis accessories, CBD products, original art pieces, health and wellness products, along with luxe lifestyle merchandise. The boutique provides customers with a peaceful and alluring environment for all their shopping needs, both cannabis and non-cannabis related.

YENology is committed to high-quality products for everyone. They seek to work with local and national suppliers that believe in treating people with dignity and respect, are diverse and inclusive, and focus on building a healthy peaceful society

Emphasizing women & wellness, personal growth and ultimately providing a path towards peaceful living. YENology presents a luxury shopping experience through carefully curated lifestyle items and smoking essentials.

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