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Pack of 2 glass inserts - fitted for FRANKIE 1-Hitter Pipe.

FRANKIE 1-hitters are designed to be cleaned and reused day-after-day. One cleaning kit is included with every pipe purchase so you can keep the glass portion clean and resin free.

BUT.. we know that shit happens,  maybe your 1-hitter rolled off the table, or the toss to your friend was not successful and the pipe lands on the floor. Basically, these babies are glass, and they have the potential to break.

Instead of purchasing a brand new 1-hitter, this replacement option is available! 

Tempered Glass


TIP: If the glass insert breaks inside the metal casing use tweezers or needle-nose  pliers to remove the broken glass. If you have further trouble call us and we can offer some more pointers.



*intended for use with legal cannabis or tobacco. By purchasing you confirm you are 19+ or of legal age in your province/state*